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Berintek is a leading provider of innovative solutions in technology and engineering. Berintek has a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience. They offer various services to meet the needs of businesses and organizations across different industries. From electrical and mechanical engineering to automation and control systems, Berintek provides cutting-edge solutions that drive business growth and success.

At Berintek, we believe in using technology to improve the world we live in. That’s why we’re committed to providing our clients with the latest technological advancements and engineering expertise to meet their unique needs. 

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stephanie bourov
stephanie bourov
My experience with Berintek was exceptional from start to finish. The consultation was informative, and the staff helped me find the perfect garage door for my needs. The installation team was professional and left no mess behind. The door’s smooth and reliable performance is exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend!
Huy Huynh
Huy Huynh
Top-tier service! I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my new garage door opener was installed. Once the installation was done, Leo took it up a notch by meticulously clearing away all the leftover materials. I wholeheartedly endorse this company for anyone in need of exceptional garage door opener installation.
Replaced my 30 year old garage door. Leo did it quickly for a great market value price. Also aluminum capped the wood trimming around the garage door. It now looks fresh! Highly recommend Berintek, especially other garage door installers charge a lot more, for a lot less work.
Katherine Savchenko
Katherine Savchenko
Five stars for garage doors! From the initial consultation to the installation, the whole process was seamless. The team was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient in answering all my questions. The garage door’s craftsmanship and durability are apparent, and I’m confident it will last for years to come. I highly recommend Berintek to anyone in need of a quality garage door.
Zarina Satkhanova
Zarina Satkhanova
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Excellent Service! Technician Leo saved the day by fixing my garage door promptly and efficiently. He displayed exceptional skills and knowledge, providing a seamless experience. I highly recommend Leo for any garage door service. Thank you for the outstanding service! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Mikhail Kryazhevskikh
Mikhail Kryazhevskikh
Awesome service! Very affordable price. Leo, the technician of Berintek changed my spring 2 hours after I called to them. The quality of work is exceptional! Thank you so much!

Common Garage Door Lock Issues 

Protects your home

Garage doors are essential to protecting your home, and it’s equally crucial to have a secure and reliable garage door lock system. A secure and reliable lock system is a barrier against intruders, preventing them from entering your home through the garage. Additionally, a strong garage door lock system prevents theft by making it more difficult for burglars to access valuable items in your garage or home.

Prevents theft

A secure garage door lock system also ensures privacy by preventing unauthorized access to your home. This is particularly important if you have a connecting door between your garage and house. A properly functioning lock system can help maintain your privacy and keep unwanted visitors out of your home.

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Ensures privacy

Another benefit of a robust garage door lock system is its added safety. A functioning lock system helps prevent accidents by keeping the door closed and preventing anyone from accidentally entering or exiting the garage. It is crucial to prioritize safety measures, especially for families with children or pets who might be curious about the garage area.

Enhances safety

In addition to the security and safety benefits, a secure garage door lock system can add value to your property. Potential buyers are often willing to pay more for a house that has a reliable and durable lock system installed. Investing in a quality garage door lock system can increase your property’s value and provide peace of mind to potential buyers.

Adds value to your property

Overall, garage door lock security is essential to protecting your home, ensuring privacy, enhancing safety, and adding value to your property. At Berintek, we offer top-notch garage door lock installation and repair services in Ottawa to help homeowners safeguard their homes and property. 

Types of Garage Door Locks

Regular locks

The most basic type of garage door lock is the regular lock with a garage door. Regular locks typically secure the door with a simple key and cylinder mechanism.

T-handle lock

T-handle locks are another popular choice for garage door security. T-handle locks use a T-shaped handle to secure the door and are often found on older garage doors.

Garage door defender

A garage door defender is a device that you can attach to your garage floor. It is designed to provide extra security by preventing the garage door from being lifted or forced open.

Keyless locks

Keyless or combination locks use a code or password to unlock the garage door. Keyless locks are convenient because they eliminate the need for keys but can be more vulnerable to hacking.


Padlocks can secure a garage door by locking the door to the frame or track. However, they can be less secure than other locks because they can be easily cut or picked.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are another popular choice for garage door security. Deadbolt locks use a bolt that extends into the door frame, making it more difficult for intruders to force the door open.

Handle locks

Handle locks are similar to regular locks, but they use a handle instead of a key to lock and unlock the door.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks use a digital keypad or remote control to lock and unlock the garage door. Electronic locks are convenient and easy to use but can be more expensive than other locks.

Automatic locks

Automatic locks use a sensor or remote control to lock the garage door when it is closed automatically. These locks provide added convenience and security but can also be more expensive.

Smart locks

Smart locks are the latest innovation in garage door security. You can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect these locks to your smartphone or other smart devices. This allows you to lock and unlock the door remotely and keep track of its status from anywhere.

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Our Garage Door Lock Installation Services

We provide professional and reliable garage door lock installation services in Ottawa. Our experienced technicians are trained to provide a seamless installation process for various lock types, ensuring that your garage door is secure and functioning properly. Here are some of the popular garage door styles and lock types that we can install:

  • All types of garage door openers, including chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive models
  • Torsion springs and cable for torsion springs
  • Door opener keypad and keyless setup
  • Safety sensors to prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle
  • Chain drive carriage assembly kit for smooth and reliable operation
  • Quick-release lock garage door opener for added convenience and safety
  • Wireless smart garage hub to control your garage door from your smartphone or other smart devices
  • Garage door aluminum capping to protect against the weather and wear and tear
  • Truck rollers made of metal, plastic, or silicon for smooth operation
  • All types of internal garage door wiring and wireless products to ensure reliable operation
  • Rail extensions to fit any garage door size
  • Weatherstripping to keep out drafts and maintain temperature control
  • Aluminum and plastic retainers to keep the weather stripping in place and prevent air leakage
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Our Garage Door Lock Repair Services

Garage door repairs are not easy, but not for our fully insured and highly trained company. Here are some of the popular Ottawa garage door services we provide:

  • Emergency garage door repair
  • Garage door opener repair
  • Repair or replacement of garage rollers and cables
  • Repair of noisy garage doors
  • Replacement of garage hardware and parts
  • Residential garage door repair
  • Repair or replacement of broken garage door springs
  • Repair or replacement of broken garage door sections
  • Installation of new garage door motors
  • Repair of bent garage doors
  • Garage door spring repair
  • Repair or replacement of garage door rollers
  • Repair of electric garage doors
  • Repair of garage remote keypads
  • Installation of belt garage door openers
  • Garage door maintenance services
  • Commercial garage door repair
  • Replacement of broken cables

Why Choose Our Ottawa Garage Door Lock Services

It’s important to carefully select a trustworthy company for your garage door lock installation or repair to guarantee your garage door’s safety and proper functioning.

At Berintek, we provide top-notch garage door lock services in Ottawa, providing reliable and professional solutions for all your garage door needs. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your garage door lock services:

Skilled technicians: Our team of skilled technicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of garage door lock installation and repair, ensuring that your job is done right the first time.

Fast response times: At Berintek, we understand that garage door lock issues can be urgent. We offer fast response times and flexible scheduling to ensure your lock system is repaired quickly.

Affordable prices: Feel confident while working with us since we provide competitive pricing on all of our garage door new garage door opener installation and other garage door products and services, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction by standing behind our work. In the unlikely event that you are not pleased with our services, we will make every effort to rectify the situation and make it right.

Use of high-quality lock systems and hardware: We only use the highest-quality lock systems to ensure your garage door lock is durable and long-lasting.

Excellent customer service: Our satisfied customers are our best advertisement. We have a solid reputation and many positive customer testimonials demonstrating our commitment to quality work and exceptional customer service.

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